In my work, I try to build bridges.

 Metaphorical bridges from a rich art history to our everyday, modern life.

 I am inspired by the dynamic between how contemporary life is lived, and how our ancestors lived. I attempt to capture this timeline by depicting universal activities, ideas, and feelings that have changed through time and modern technological advances. Driven by the visions of our Old Masters, I am trying to marry modern painting ideals with what we have been taught since the beginning of painting.

 Throughout art history I have found many touchstones that direct my images. Through Bruegel I have learned to examine the average life. His paintings of villagers express how full their lives were with just living, surviving, and loving.  The Dutch Masters inspire and remind me that the craft of painting is to be honored and hulled. The Renaissance painters show how to use symbolism and themes to broaden my vocabulary. The Impressionists remind me to be loose and free with my style. The Abstract Expressionists push me to question ideals and pave new ways. Contemporary Artists keep me alive with new ideas, and frustrating new tools, developing new ways to make art and challenge my notions of expression daily.

 Throughout all my paintings, I try to always be conscience of the craft of painting. It is important for me to not get too tight, too realistic and cold, but to keep it loose, and respect the physicality of the paint. Ultimately I want to push the paint to be dripping and lush, but held back enough to exude control.

 I also have love affairs with certain images. Birds have been a recent indulgence. I am fascinated by how these creatures suspend themselves. I am attracted to the capturing of a moment when you do not know if they are landing or taking off. The decision lies in the mind of the viewer who can only bring their unique experiences to choose which way the bird is going. In a movement that blinds the naked eye, once slowed down and viewed, the beauty of how the wings mold the air around them ignites me. The symbolism of a bird and its open wings seems rather open ended for me. I think of them as survivors. They have a cold society, very individualistic within their flocks. Their physical fragility defines them. They live in the present only, moment to moment.

 Currently I am once again revisiting my love of the human figure. Painting the landscape of the human body fulfills me.

 In an attempt to funnel all these ideas into images on canvas has brought me to what you see in my work today. With each new blank canvas I approach, I feel an open road ahead.

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